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Estonian Students Society (EÜS)  is celebrating the centennial jubilee of its historic house in Tartu, Estonia on 29-30 August, 2002.  In order to welcome the second century of the building with dignity worthy of its history, the Society has decided to completely renovate the house before its jubilee. For this purpose, we have launched the ambitious Centennial Home project.

Goals of the Project

The aim of Centennial Home is to modernize the heating, water, ventilation and electrcity systems in the building, and refurbish most rooms for improved functionality and economical use by August, 2002.


The building was completed in 1902 after the design of Georg Hellat, one of the first professional Estonian architects, who borrows from art deco and national romanticist styles in his drawings. The house was enlarged and remodeled in 1929-30 to accommodate the needs of the expanding Society. It was illegally expropriated in 1940 after Soviet Red Army occupied Estonia, and subsequently used by the Univerity of Tartu as a teaching facility for several faculties.  The house was restored to the Estonian Students Society in 1991.

Take a Tour

Please take a virtual tour in the house to get a glimpse of the interior of the venerable building.

Support Centennial Home

Please help us achieve the goals of EÜS Centennial Home by donating to the project.  Your contribution is much appreciated and will be recorded in the specially designated Honour Book kept in the archives of the Society. 


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